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Things to consider before choosing the right payment gateway

A payment gateway's simplicity of use is a great method to run an e-commerce website, especially for smaller companies. But before jumping into choosing the best payment gateway to use, here are some questions that you have to ask yourself:


  • What would be the cost of the service transaction?

  • Does the payment gateway have solutions for fraud protection and virtual terminals?

  • Is it essential to have a merchant account for the portal you have chosen?

  • Does the payment gateway support that the geographical location of your e-commerce business?


By using a payment gateway, you take control of business payment acceptance into your own hands. Now that you know how payment gateways operate, the next step is to understand the best way to select a payment gateway. When there are plenty of alternatives to select from, you want to choose the ideal payment gateway - ideally something which caters to your business requirements. Here we provide you with 5 points to take into account while deciding what payment gateway to use.


1. Select an appropriate payment flow

Based upon your type of business, think about how quickly and efficiently you want your customers to make a payment. Complex payment procedures may cause clients to cancel, that is a good enough reason to ensure it is as user friendly as you can. Clients should be able to finish a transaction as soon as they are redirected to the payment system.


2. Consider fees and service agreement requirements

Payment gateway pricing can be dependent on the kind of transactions you as a company perform, in addition to business earnings, revenue consistency, transaction volume, and the markets & locations you serve. Some payment gateways charge an installation fee, in addition to transaction fees in case minimum order and minimum transaction volume criteria aren't satisfied. That is why it's crucial to compare how your business model aligns with the fee of the payment gateway service provider.


3. Ensure effective transactions

You do not want your clients to be filling out several forms just to create one purchase. This includes ensuring that the payment system is as user-friendly as you can. To ensure the checkout process is simple, be certain that the payment gateway permits you to delete unnecessary form fields.


4. Multiple features to pick from 

Based upon your company requirements, online payment gateway providers supply many different features. If you're selling products and services all around the globe, your payment gateway could offer a global solution that accepts several credit cards, debit cards, and global currencies. Payment gateways have a direct impact on your productivity too. Check if your preferred payment gateway supports digital invoicing, all payment types, client text or email alerts, smart chargeback management, along other important features.


5. Merchant account

When customers place an order online through a payment gateway, then the cash is temporarily transferred to another account called a merchant account. This is not the same as the actual bank accounts. You'll require a merchant account to accept money through a payment gateway website. You will then have to move the money to your corporate or private bank accounts.


Integrate effective e-commerce solutions with Webgen


If you know your business requirements, selecting and incorporating the best payment gateway provider will not be complex or expensive. You'll notice an immediate impact on your customer's user experience which will lead to more profitability for your organization if you do it properly.


Another fantastic practice would be to hire a web developer for assistance with incorporating payment gateways to your website. This is to make sure that appropriate integration processes are established so the payment gateway is fully operational on your website without any hassle.


By opting to work with Webgen, not only can your eCommerce website have many user-friendly attributes, but we improve it further with the integration of a payment gateway. We will also integrate features to assist your clients to complete their transactions with security and safety. We are aware of the significance of a secured payment gateway. Our staff will work to instil a decent UX in your eCommerce website that handily makes it possible to enhance your company, and boosts your clients' loyalty to your brand.

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