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How To Increase Sales of Your E-commerce Website

1. Add frequently asked questions to your products section

Often clients have unanswered questions when checking out your products online, which may lead to them abandoning the buying process and going elsewhere. Adding a listing of frequently asked questions and responses directly to your product pages might help in improving your sales online.

You may begin by looking at a few of the typical questions you receive in your inbox or the comments section. Save a few of the most common ones and start writing responses for them. You may even make your questions if you believe that they may come up. This may also reduce the number of repetitive emails you get, frequently asking variants of the same questions always.

In case you have lots of products on your website, think about adding an FAQ to the most popular goods. Also consider doing the same to the products that receive plenty of questions, or the products which require the most help to boost online sales. If your website is built using Shopify, including FAQs to your merchandise pages may be simple.


2. Allow and display customer reviews.

If a visitor hasn't heard of your business and lands on your website for the very first time, they are often considering two things: "Can I trust this website?" and “Is this product of good quality and does it deliver what they promise?”

Allowing clients to leave reviews about your product might help alleviate those fears and can help to boost the website's rank. It functions in two manners; the testimonials themselves may be reassuring, and also the simple fact that the business enables reviews lets your customers know you've got nothing to hide. It not only indicates that people are getting and using the product, but they care enough about it to write a review. Attempt to follow up with clients a couple of weeks after their purchase and also request them to leave a fair review.


3. Insert "real-life" pictures.

A fantastic method to better your e-commerce website's conversions would be to display a few "real life" pictures of your products, thus providing an appropriate representation of the product. By way of instance, showcasing multiple angled pictures of a handbag is great, but showcasing pictures of the exact same bag in technical use-case situations (how many items could fit in there) can diminish doubts and uncertainty. Additionally, you can upsell other things that match nicely with this item!

You can also encourage your clients to take part, by uploading or sending their photos of your goods. This has the extra advantage, and it provides your e-commerce website societal evidence. Even if it's as straightforward as tagging your merchandise on social networking.


4. Offer “money-back guarantee”.

Can it be hidden away on another page for nobody to see? No. Proudly show your money back policy and guarantee on your merchandise page. If you are eager to guarantee your customers your product is very good, you should reveal it. If you are willing to take all the risk this gives your customers more confidence, they will be more inclined to trust you and consequently, buy your products.


5. If you have plenty of options provide good filters.

The more choice you offer people, the tougher it gets to select something. In case you've got a great deal of merchandise and a massive assortment of collections, then it is a fantastic idea to utilize filters. The goal of the filter would be to help locate the most appropriate products.


6. Use clean, uncluttered web design

To enhance your e-commerce website's rank, ensure you get a clean, uncluttered website design -- one which helps the customer focus on the products and does not distract the visitor from the reason they are there in the first place. Whenever someone visits your website, it ought to be quite clear what you sell. The very best method to do it is to keep your website's design professional and clean, with plenty of high-quality pictures. A cluttered layout distracts shoppers and it might not lead them to your final goal, which is to purchase your product.


Should you require any help with e-commerce web design and digital marketing to increase your website's conversions please get in touch with us, we would be happy to help.

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