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Apple iPhone 8 launch date reportedly revealed

Now that Samsung is done with its Galaxy Note 8, all eyes in the tech industry are on Apple. The Cupertino-based tech firm is widely expected to launch its new iPhone models later this year but the exact launch date is still a mystery. But it looks like a website going by the name Mac4Ever seems to have some leads on the iPhone 8 launch dates.

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Welcome the new Apple IOS

Apple announced a redesigned version of Apple News, which the company says has 60 million monthly active users and over 2,000 publications. The new Apple News includes a simpler, bolder interface similar to the Apple Music redesign. It also includes new features like subscriptions, breaking news alerts and more.

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Apple is saying ‘me too’ with a Siri-powered connected home speaker

Seems like everyone (except Microsoft, but more on that in a minute) has a connected home hub you can talk to. If a new report from The Information is correct, you can count Apple in.

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Step-counting app for Pebble smartwatch drops you into a game of ‘Super Mario Bros.'

‘Super Mario Bros.’ still isn’t available for our smartphones, but at least now we can get a tiny bit closer to stomping goombas and sliding down pipes as America’s favorite plumber duo, Mario and Luigi.

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Instagram now lets you record 60-second videos, but it probably won’t make people any happier

Instagram is rolling out the ability for the average Joe to record and share a video of up to one minute, increasing it from the current 15-second limit.

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Forget drones, Amazon’s getting into the proper aviation business

Sure, drones might eventually be part of Amazon’s last-mile delivery services but the company has to get pretty serious about fast, long-haul logistics if it wants to continue to offer rapid delivery to growing numbers across the world.

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Meet Facebook's new emoting emojis: Love, haha, wow, sad and angry

The "like" button has evolved. Facebook unveiled five animated emojis you can choose instead of just the standard "like", including love, haha, wow, sad and angry.

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Siri is reportedly coming to the Mac this fall as part of OS X ‘Fuji’

Apple’s next iteration of OS X — 10.12, codenamed Fuji — will feature a familiar voice that’s already made her way to Apple TV and Apple Watch, as well as the iPhone and iPad in years past.

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Conflicting reports of a new Apple Watch band is like ‘The Dress’ for nerds

Will you have to consider spending another $249 for an Apple Watch accessory this March? There’s now mixed evidence of a Modern Buckle band in a stone color for the Space Gray Apple Watch,

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You’ll soon be able to pay using a selfie, your clothes or your car

Credit card providers are using their time at MWC to propose all manner of weird and wonderful new payment methods for modern shoppers. MasterCard says it will roll out selfie payments across 15 countries this summer, after a trial in the US and the Netherlands last year ...

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Facebook brings 360 streaming video to Samsung Gear VR and invests in ‘Social VR’

Facebook’s continued fascination with VR reached new heights today, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke of the company’s new initiatives in VR onstage at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

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How Indian e-commerce will pan out

2015 was a busy year for the Indian Ecommerce industry. Many companies have joined the battle for a share of the Ecommerce market. There are many Ecommerce companies that were launched in the last year and many more that closed shop over the same period.

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