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As the most trusted web design company in Bangalore, we provide fresh and creative digital services for businesses that are eager to grow in the online space. We are data-driven and focus on delivering results. Stand out from your competition with our Web Design Services in Bangalore.

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Full-scale Web Design Agency

Professional web design company in Bangalore that builds websites to entice and capture your audience

Web Developer in Bangalore

Web Design Company in Bangalore that uses a powerful blend of marketing & technology

As a full-service web design company in Bangalore, we ensure we create a design and a website that converts your visitors into valuable customers. By opting to work with us, you are placing your business and your website in the hands of certified professionals who understand your ideal customers. Most importantly our high-quality web design services in Bangalore are super affordable.

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web design company in bangalore
website design company in bangalore
Web Developer in Bangalore India

Web Development Company in Bangalore that makes your website work for your business

Whether you are looking for a static website or a dynamic website with multiple functions to work seamlessly on several interfaces, we are the right web development company in Bangalore for the job. We focus on building websites that capture your full attention. We have the right amount of experience and guile to develop the perfect website for your business.

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Website Developer in Bangalore

Experienced and trusted digital marketing agency in Bangalore

As a full-service digital marketing agency in Bangalore, we go that extra mile to help convert your next big idea into a massive business achievement. We draw upon over 10 years of experience to offer you the entire package and help your business grow. We understand your business, challenges and review your competitor to present in-depth insights to enhance your digital presence.

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Services we are known for

Get to know about Webgen

  • How To Choose the Best Web Design Company in Bangalore?

    It is crucial to understand what to look for in a web design company in Bangalore before opting to hire their services. Your choice can have a significant impact on the success of your business online. We propose you opt to work with a web design agency that has a broad portfolio of websites and a history of working with businesses like yours. Take a look at their reviews online to determine how satisfied clients were with their job.

  • How Much Does Web Design Cost?

    There's no one single answer to this question. A website’s design is unique to each project, the business and the requirements. Each website is unique and requires different elements. As a web design company in Bangalore, Webgen designs and creates custom websites tailored for your business and your goals. We are going to ask a few questions, determine your preferences, and give you an accurate quote based on that appraisal.

  • How Significant Is Responsive Web Design?

    Basically, responsive web design makes a website accommodate its content and attributes seamlessly to match the screen size it's displayed on. It retains photos larger than the width of the display and prevents users on mobile devices from having to perform extra work to see your content. When option to work with a web design company in Bangalore, please ensure you ask them for a responsive website.

  • Why is it important to work with a top quality web design company in Bangalore?

    Everyone, today is busy. When they visit a website, the first thing they notice is its web design. First impressions are very important and this can retain a viewer or make them leave immediately. The user’s experience will also decide whether they come back to your website or not. This is why you should seek professional help when it comes to web design. Contact us if you want to work with a top quality web design company in Bangalore

  • Where do I start in a web development project?

    In order to kick start a web development project, you need to have a solid idea of your goals and what you want to achieve so the job has its own purpose. Then you need to reserve a meeting with a web development company to explain what you are looking for and know how the firm can help you. At Spark Interact, we can help you translate your ideas to businesses with an internet presence. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation session.

  • What do web development services involve?

    If you opt to work with a web development company in Bangalore like Webgen, you are likely to receive the front end development (web design) and the backend development, the code which makes your website run and the part you cannot see. Apart from that you will receive an SSL certificate and hosting.

  • What is Content Management System development (CMS)?

    Content Management Systems (CMS) is a system that is built to manage the backend of the website, where the user can manage the content on the website. The CMS development is an important part of a web development project. If you are looking for a web development company in Bangalore to build a custom CMS, Webgen has developers who are experts at creating and customising various CMS platforms.

best web design agency in bangalore

Why choose our creative web design service

High Performance

The page loading time is a key factor for the overall performance of a web site. To maintain the speed to a minimum we reduce HTTP request, minify, cookie-free domain, and use SSD hosting to keep up the speed.


Customized website development gives you the benefit of choosing technologies on which you want your site to be developed. Later on, this can help you in scaling Your Company and update your website for future business necessities


An unprotected site is a safety risk to customers and can spread malware. A website made by our website developers is highly protected. Clients have peace of mind that the site can be trusted and the info is safe.

Pay only for what you need

Option for custom web development services offers you the opportunity to pay only for those functionalities which you need. So, there's absolutely not any bank-breaking budget, and it is easy to plan your money timeline prior to the development phase.

Agile Approach

We develop our projects based on an agile approach that takes away time-sucks, performing regular sanity checks, and making sure you're not spending excessive time on matters that don't add value to your job.

Content Management

Websites that are customized include easy website management tools in which the non-technical members of their organization like managers, content editors, and other team members can make changes to the website without any technical aid.

Our Core Values

website developer in bangalore

We’re Friendly.

We are dedicated to guiding you through the process of creating a website, one step at a time, in a relaxed and friendly manner. Most importantly, we actually like what we do, and hopefully it shows.

We're Passionate.

We've got a good understanding of the changing world of web design and internet development, and we really enjoy learning new techniques and are passionate about applying best practice to all our work.

We're Communicators.

We encourage and remind the entire staff to communicate well with our customers. We remain in regular contact with all our clients through-out a job and explain in clear, easy-to-understand conditions the design and improvement process.

Web Design Company in Bangalore

Webgen can make your brand shine!

Webgen will get to know you, your industry, and most importantly, your customers. We offer solutions that will propel your business forward

Web Developer in Bangalore


Sometimes web designers can get technical when it comes to web design. The bottom line is that first impressions matter. The first 7 seconds in fact. Webgen's number one priority when designing a website is to think about what will make your brand stand out to customers and ensure your business grows.

  • Unique Design
  • Unimited Changes
  • Creative works
  • Amazing sliders
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As your products or services evolve, so does your business. Your website should be kept updated to reflect these changes. Webgen allows you to edit/modify your website via an easy-to-use CMS. We will also give you full training on how to use the CMS. However, it is very easy!

  • Modern Design
  • Unimited Posts
  • Unlimited changes
  • Mobile friendly
  • Verified Entries
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Web Designer in Bangalore
Website developer in bangalore


SSL might sound a bit boring, but SSL is essential for your website. SSL encrypts your website. Your website and your customers can be easily hacked without SSL. This is not a good idea Webgen provides SSL for all websites that are built or hosted on our servers. This means your website will be 100% secure.

  • Secured Websites
  • Confidentiality
  • Encrypted
  • Integrity
  • Authentication
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You might have a stunning website. That's great. But have you thought about how customers will find out about your website online? Google is the most popular search engine, and if your website appears on the first page of the search rankings, your website has a very high chance of drawing plenty of traffic.We will provide a solid foundation for your business to rise to the top in Google search results.

  • Well-optimized URL
  • Mobile customization
  • Relevancy
  • User experience
  • Site speed
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