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Top Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangalore

At Webgen, we create social media campaigns that appeal to the emotions of our audiences. Our clients' stories are told through original content that distinguishes you from the rest. Our social media management services are tailored for your brand.


How we support local businesses with our Social Media Management services

Protect Your Reputation

Monitor social media and review sites 24 hours a day, including review alerts. React to messages and reviews as soon as they are received.

Increase Your Audience

We can help optimize your social media profiles and promote your company across social media sites to attract customers who are ready to purchase.

Content Creation

We know how to create content that people love. We've applied the editorial process to brands that we have worked with.

Social Ideas and Shareable Content

We offer engaging content that is relevant to your industry as well as ideas for giveaways that will grow customers.

Keep track of your results

You can access an online dashboard that allows you to track all your key metrics, and view everything being said online about your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

We assist with technical SEO and content creation. This is done to target specific topics relevant to your business. We aim to increase traffic from Google and increase revenue.

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy


Your Business' Social Media Goals

We assist businesses of all sizes, from small- and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations, in scaling their social initiatives. Webgen can help increase brand awareness, drive traffic, improve community engagement, and generate leads. Our social media marketing strategies are simple to ensure that your target audience is more engaged and that your brand remains ahead of the rest.

Keep up with the latest trends

It can be difficult to keep up with the rapidly changing social media trends. Webgen's Social's social media marketing team manages the constantly changing landscape of digital marketing on a daily basis. We know brands in different industries and how to adapt their content to current trends. Webgen helps brands build great success and a loyal, enthusiastic audience.

Make winning social media content

We can help you connect with your target audience, no matter what your brand voice might be. Your social media success can be boosted by generating more user-generated content. Your followers can be inspired to create viral videos and Instagram dance videos or other fun activities.


Paid Social Media Management

We manage and create your ads to help build your brand and drive sales for your business. This is possible for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as Pinterest, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok.

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Instagram Advertising

At Webgen, we have a team of digital marketing experts and analysts who are experienced in the nuances of Instagram advertising. We love creating comprehensive Instagram marketing strategies that generate leads, nurture them into customers and add tangible value.

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Facebook Advertising

Organic content is fiercely competitive, especially for small businesses. It's hard to believe. But have no fear, our Bangalore based Facebook advertising agency is ready to compete and help you get your social media advertising campaign to convert by choosing the right channels and presenting your brand in a way that will delight your target audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I attract customers on Facebook?

    You can draw customers to Facebook by keeping a active social presence. This requires strategic posting and strategically posting. Your posts that you strategically plan to publish are informative, interesting, and visually attractive. Your tactical posts should be more informaland fun and include up-to-date information and ensure that your brand's message appeals to the people you target.

  • How Facebook can boost your business?

    Facebook is a powerful tool for promoting brand awareness and sales. The platform can be utilized in many ways. If done correctly making use of Facebook to promote your business can give the possibility to reach new customers, create leads and boost sales. It's reasonable to affirm that unless you have many customers who are engaged and engaged base, you'll require a mixture of organic posts and advertising campaigns to increase the visibility of your business.

  • How do I promote my product on Facebook?

    It is possible to promote your product organically on your business page, or through Facebook Advertising. You can also advertise your product through positive reviews and recommendations from customers and captivating visual content.

  • How can I improve my Facebook ad performance?

    Look over the charts to ensure you know who is responding to your ad the correct way. You can reduce or increase your audience if believe you're getting the right response from the right people. To make your ads more effective, ensure that you keep an watch on your targeting until you're getting the desired results.

  • How can I use Facebook to promote my business?

    It is possible to promote your business on Facebook by creating your own Business Page. It's easy to create and is the platform that will display the banner of your company and brand. You can design locations pages, events or offers, and even post jobs.

  • How do you effectively advertise on Facebook?

    First, you'll need firstly, you will need the Facebook pixel on the background of your site to monitor traffic that is delivered through Facebook. In order to be able to effectively advertise on Facebook requires paid advertisements setting up a budget, developing a marketing plan and taking advantage of the insights of your audience.

  • Is it worth it to advertise on Facebook?

    Affecting a budget to Facebook Advertising can be very profitable if you have a well-planned strategy that has been set up. Through ads, you can get your message to the right people by choosing a specific area as well as an age range, or even a range of spoken languages. You are in control of who is exposed to your advertisement and this will increase the traffic to your site and increase your conversions.

  • What is meant by social media marketing?

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a broad term that is that describes the process of promoting your business through any of the many websites that permit users to share and create content, and engage in conversations within private and public spaces. There are many social media channels you can select from, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

  • What does a social media marketing agency do?

    A professional agency for social media marketing will develop a coherent social media plan and efficiently manage and manage all your social media platforms getting involved in the brand's image and creating networks on social media to create an active and powerful community on behalf of you.

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